Email, Web-based Conferencing, Chatting.
Keeping you fully connected

Email, Web Conference, Chat.

QUALITIA CLOUD is a new communication platform centered
on the tools essential for remote work like "Email", "Web conference", and "Business Chat"
that seamlessly connects the tools necessary for your business.

Secure and complete environment in the office, on the go, or at home.

Outbound Email SecurityActive! gateSS

This is a service that works with smart mail for enhancing and controlling outbound email security.

Learn more about Active! gateSS

Email ArchiveActive! vaultSS

This is a service that works with smart mail to archive incoming and outgoing emails.

Learn more about Active! vaultSS

Email Security
Support PackActive! gateSS + Active! vaultSS

This is a security enhancement package provided by combining Active! gate SS and Active! vault SS.

With the 1st release, you will have the solution to enhance your business email security with smart email, web conference, and business chat.
With the 2nd (January 2021 release) and later releases, additional features such as sandbox, cloud storage, and scheduler will be added.